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Fidget Cube Release Day and excitement I do not know what to say, but also see some of the weak body of the Tibetan people had to fidget cube marketing stop and burst into tears. All this scene gave the Soviet Union touched, he has now reached the bottleneck, perhaps only need to break through the moment, or in the down or before can not break. Ye Su this fidget cube release day station is three days, when the sun rises when the collision fidget cube release day of the clouds he was epiphany, this is the top of the top of Taishan on the epiphany. He thought of all the pictures of past life, want to be the most is this life, a cheap fidget cube personal shadow, a picture of the content from his mind passing, he wanted to seize it is futile. So that the face and the screen is almost to the leaves of the Soviet Union s minds, too, and so on. Break up. One of the amethyst from the leaves of the ring in the floating out, the release fidget cube white and blue of a strong matchless Reiki. And by these aura by the shock, the card over the holy mountain suddenly appeared a Reiki whirlpool, to Ye Su body irrigation. If it is ordinary people, suddenly this is the Aura shock is likely to destroy the meridians, but the Soviet Union s meridians have already been strengthened, so there is no problem, and now he needs to do is crazy fidget cube release day best fidget cube knock off absorption. Day time flashed, fidget cube release day during this time, Ye Su body of the Yuan Ying has grown into a fifteen year old look, each also tall a bit, has been very close fidget cube features to what he looks like now. But also a day in the past, the card holy mountain over the aura seems to have been evacuated, thin words, and the whirlpool is growing, so as to learn a wider range of Aura. From the mountain to the top of the hill looked like a tornado in the non stop raging, so even the most devout believers this time did not dare to go up the mountain, so no one can see this wonders. In the sun and the moon alternately the moment, Ye Su body also came Kacha sound, at the same time, a majestic momentum from the Soviet Union who burst out of the body, suddenly the pressure of the ground and a few centimeters, With the industrial shovel shovel do not move. Ye Su slowly opened his eyes, mouth also brought up a curvature, and finally the achievements of God God, and with this repair for his father to grasp the grasp is also a bit more. Since this matter, Ye Su does not intend to stay, and now only two days away from the Spring Festival, he still has a lot of things to be busy, time is pressing. In the Soviet Union when the break to the sun god, the card mountain holy mountain is also re.

nd the wind will be fighting in full swing, if the wind will eventually overcome the Ye Su, then everything is good to say. But if the situation is just the opposite, Guo Huai can take Ye Shengxiang blackmail. Ye Sheng now state, is to commit suicide is immune. Chapter 141 Why is she fidget cube darkorchid Taking into account these after Guo Huai is also the hearts of Dading, Wang easily not shot, as long as the prison does not collapse on the line. And now two of the mine will be just something to go out, so the theory will be the most powerful combat power, so Guo Huai also had to fidget cube promo use this move. Ye Sheng at the moment standing in front of the door, a large array did not stop his eyes, so when he saw the battle of the Soviet Union when not help fidget cube release day tears, that is his own son Long so tall and handsome Unfortunately, did not spend with his childhood, juvenile, do not know their own messy look will not let him down Ye Su will win. Ye Sheng whispered. Dream. Guo Huotou not back to ridicule Road. Ye Sheng excitement after reminding himself in the hands of the snow is also holding the snow, to Guo Huai level as long as he can be aware of a transaction, when the time to come to naught. Think of Ye Sheng full of sweat, while the work is even behind the sweat wet. Because just too excited, so Ye Sheng eyes a few drops of tears, he just wanted to wipe with his left hand, suddenly an idea, his right hand wiping when the opportunity to plug into the mouth of the immortality. Ye Sheng finished these after quietly looked at Guo Huai one, see her just sneer, do not know she is too confident fidget cube release day or really not aware of. And outside the big array, the fighting continues. When the Soviet Union to display the fifth type of Kang Long regret, the snow and the dragon will be the black python finally hit together, suddenly the field seems to be cast as an atomic bomb, shaking the explosion so that Guo Huai also retreat half Step, then think of a large array at this time was relieved. But her mind s embarrassment only know that, obviously her repair fidget cube release day is fidget cube mediumorchid higher than the Soviet Union, but was scared of this battle ripples. In the absorption of the eight after the Yuan Ying, Guo Huai is also a smooth into the Yuan Ying monk, but Ye Su s progress is also rapid, Guo Huai still did not fight with the courage. In the chance coincidence he entered the Qin City prison, and became the fidget cube release day king s assistant, of course, also practiced a evil work. In this prison is the most lack of monks of the Yuan.ol who he is the son He wanted to kill me, there must be killed consciousness. Although the mouth arrogant, loudly, but Ye Su still stay A heart, intuition told him that Lu Pingxi said are true. Lu Ping West arch hand over, Ye Su do not care about the smile, at this time, the variable Dousheng, Lu Pingxi suddenly hiding the hands of things Zizhu Ye Su, is the two balls , He had intended to deal with Yu Lin s. Ye Su has been kept on his alert, so the shape of a dodge to avoid the past, but unexpectedly or to be affected. I do not know what the two balls is, the explosion is very powerful. Ye Su clutching the injured right shoulder, eyes staring fiercely Lu Pingxi, today he must him to die. If it is not prepared, Ye Su that this will certainly be seriously injured. This is actually not dead Lu Pingxi also removed the camouflage, interesting look at the Soviet Union. I certainly can not die, because I want to see you by my knife a long time to die. Ye Su s voice cold if cold, Lu Pingxi listen to the ears in the ears are erected up, as if the body is really cut by the knife same. Ye Su finished this sentence ghostly flying to Lu Pingxi, who quickly put the iron bar to the chest a cross, Ye Su s sword just cut fidget cube release day on it. A heavy hit, Lu Ping West back two steps. His eyes full of horror, do not know before the two sides can also be tied, why now Soo has become so powerful. Ye Su sword is not in the stature twist, half a turn after the full strength is a fiercely sword cut to Lu Pingxi waist, if it was cut in his decision not live. When, Lu Pingxi hands holding sticks, dangerous and dangerous and block a bit. His tiger s mouth has been broken, blood stained red face, looked exceptionally miserable. Ye Su to star sword as an epee fidget cube release day to make, every hit will do their best, anyway, head on, then the first break is absolutely Lu Pingxi iron bar. Ye Su was beaten hostility, his offensive rolling water, Dangdang voice more and more intensive, Lu Pingxi retreat back from the forest hit the edge of the cliff. You really want to rush to kill Lu Ping Xicang fled a few steps, but was entangled by Ye Su came to anger. You can report your. teacher door, see scared to scare me. Ye Su ridicule Road. Lu Pingxi looked at the monk like to open the monster want to devour all the monsters of the cliff, said the sentence fills, and then the iron.

Fidget Cube Release Day e three people looked at each other, his face will be some unnatural, or that handsome juvenile act decisively, said Hugh to pick out of divorce, your death has arrived, I was the less master, this quota is naturally mine. Ye Su heard nothing more than that, pull out the evil sword, coldly said That fidget cube release day will fight it, next year is your day today. That three people also exposed the color of fear, after all, before the shadow of the Soviet Union and the shadow of the monkey. also gave them a fidget cube release day great shock, if the Soviet Union and then resorted to that Jue Qi out of the move, the three did not say Live, they bet on the Soviet Union was seriously injured, the strength of less than the peak of one cheap fidget cube or two. At this time, Ye Su suddenly look startled, turned to look back. Opposite the three did not take the opportunity fidget cube release day where can i buy a fidget cube to attack, the same is staring at that direction. Three women are back, to see what is the one after all reveal the strange color. I saw a man wearing a white gauze flew, her face covered with veil, can not see the looks, carrying a guqin behind, it is robbed the last one of the top ten places. Ye Su some accident that woman even in the back, but also thought that by virtue of her repair should be early to fly to the front, his mind to turn to understand probably want to come to her control that magma giant is also very difficult, so infuriating Excessive consumption. It is very lively here, did not expect to be able to fancy such a play. The woman laughed. Ye Su also do not know that she is a friend of the enemy, so just slightly nodded. You do not meddle, or I even kill you, just grab a place. That handsome boy though looking dignified, but his mouth is not forgive, as if to use this to add self confidence. Oh, then I d like to see something. The woman seems to be concerned about that, opposite the three can not help looking for a red, his face showing the color of hesitation. A leaf Su is enough for their headaches, and now again a helper, how to look like they can not play, that have to put the right here. Castle Peak does not change, green flow, let s see. That handsome juvenile Lengheng a cry, and then take the lead away toward the front away, the other two quickly catch up, as if a step can not walk the same. Wait until the three are missing, Ye Su will Mo evil sword into the ring, turned toward the ma.

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