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Fidget Cube fidget cube yellowgreen Orengered can not answer. A minute later Ye Su arrived at the leaves of the family, stopped before the big array, his line of sight swept away, see the big array above a big hole, so regardless of the presence of the guard, directly into the escape light rushed into it. Ye Su last time and Ye Ling Battle had to let Ye a messy, that kind of situation and now is simply compared with pediatrics. Originally like the paradise of the old house at the moment of potholes, can be seen everywhere a few meters deep pit, the last destroyed after the building has just been destroyed and destroyed, a look in the past there is no more than four layers of the building, all energy ripples Broken. Ye Su soul swept away to see not far from the battle group, which is one person is Ye Ling, he has a mid Yuan Ying repair, and his fight with the people should be the late Yuan Ying repair, this is still Ye Su for the first time to see such a strong monk, and then into the anxiety cube kickstarter two steps is the sun god period, and so that even if the repair is a past life comprehension industry can be sideways away. Ye Su s appearance is to let the field all looked over, all of a sudden at least ten thousand souls swept him over, he had come to the leaves of the house, so many people know his breath. Ye Ling and Yuan Ying late people extremely hard war, and now well, Ye Su came, the situation can fidget cube orengered be changed. At this time, not far from the bang came loud again, and then a silhouette flying out, fell to the ground, out of a ten meters of the gully to stop. Ye Su a fidget cube orengered closer look, it is Ye Ling, at the moment the latter situation is extremely awkward and miserable. fidget cube orengered Ye Ling spit out a big mouthful of blood, opener, clothes broken, like the street beggars. In the smoke, a Yan long figure slowly out, Ye Ling saw the man exposed after the fear of the color, he understood that today has come to fidget cube keychain life and fidget cube orengered death, so his hands clutching the hands of the Soviet Union. Because the injury is too heavy, Ye Ling can fidget cube orengered not tell a word, but craving to see Ye Su, which means self evident. Ye Su sighed, slowly got up and said I come from today, it will certainly do my best, will not let Ye family shame. Ye Ling heard the words finally assured, want to smile, but it is a coma in the past. Ye Su will Ye Ling on the ground, the eyes of the anger burning up, he looked at the road that grow long shadow, after the smoke dispersed, and finally see the man s face. And the body, the man s face is slender, his eyes nar.

d find a friend to discuss. Ye Rong is not very clear, let him make his own ideas. Ye Ling helpless can only continue and so on, and three days in the past, blink of an eye has been almost 10 days, which makes him doubt Ye Su in which is not out of any accident Chamber of Secrets, Ye Su s face without the slightest expression, and now his body has been lifted about half of the seal, and then a few days will be half step gold body. And five days in the past, when Ye Ling could not help but want to push the road when the stone gate, the Shimen himself opened, Ye Su slowly from the out. Ye Su stretched a big lazy waist, slightly squinting at the sky of a red day, laughing. He has now reached the peak of past life, and then into a small step will be able to achieve gold body, called immortal immortal. It is time to find Fox demon count general ledger. Ye Su and Ye Ling simply talk a few words, and then a dodge came to the fidget cube orengered courtyard. Ye Qianwen see Ye Su know that he was a strong point, so happy smile. This time Ye Su has been closed, and did not accompany his family, so decided to play a few crazy days, but how he felt a kind of end of the smell of carnival. Time unknowingly has been to the middle of September, Dong Jiali has been reported to the Yanjing University, and only when no class will come to play. Ye Su think of those who and Linghu demon class together to skip classes in some days not help some heartache, he refused to accompany others to go to school alone. Class students to see the arrival of some surprised Su Su, did not see Linghu demon and some lost. You seem to have been fired, you are the first school since the establishment of Yanjing University because of absenteeism is too serious and dismissed students. No, you should be and Linghu demon two, to create this record. A girl Boldly sitting around fidget cube orengered the Soviet Union said, in the leaves of the Soviet Union no longer, the first row has been empty. I do not fidget cube darkslateblue care. Ye Su said lightly, he came to study is to learn knowledge, do not care that a paper diploma. Now seeing is going to leave the world, and Ye Su come back to fidget cube ebay the school even the last one is not the purpose, he just want to retrieve some memories, it can help him get through the endless future in the future. My family is rich second generation I heard that you started a school last year to buy a tens of millions of courtyard, is it true The girls asked, and now there are ten minutes from the class, she must pay.o see Xiao Jian after the two are sneer a bit, who wins who can see today today. Morning the first class is Zhao Dabao math class, senior teachers have this practice, each time a large examination will stay up all night scoring, and then the next day announced the results, explain the papers. So Zhao Dabao class first thing is to publish math scores, he looked at the first volume of the papers, smiled and said Xiao Jian classmates as a squad leader, the fidget cube gear test of 105 points, very good, slightly improved , Hope to make persistent efforts. fidget cube benefits Xiao Jian Chong Ye Su Yang s head, that means even if he became a landing grass chicken, but also better than the Soviet Union. Zhao Dabao also announced the results of Wang Meng, 124 points, and usually almost. how to use fidget cube She is almost every class scores are the top few, so the total score is always the fidget cube orengered first. Other grades of good students more or less how much is a fidget cube partial subfamily, without her so abnormal. Zhou Xing, 98 points, good good, great progress. Zhao Dabao finished Zhou Xing will take the papers, he shy smile, the previous pass is lucky, this actually admitted 98 points, even He himself did not expect. Zhao Dabao and carefully looked at the hands of the papers from the top, see the whole class are stretched out the neck and so anxious slowly said Ye Su, 143 points, he was the first test of the school math, There are three people are admitted to the 143 points, congratulations to him Ye Su greet the whole class of warm applause went to the podium, took the papers. Xiao Jian heard only Ye Su s score, then Zhao Dabao said he did not hear all the ears in the buzzing. fidget cube orengered His first reaction is impossible, and then subconsciously identified Ye Su cheated. Ye Su cheated, and he can not test so good. Xiao Jian suddenly shouted, if the last time the Soviet Union was named on the solution and the possibility of cheating, Xiao Jian s question is also normal. So now Xiao Jian once again questioned people think he is fidget cube orengered no brain, the first school can cheat out Are you cheating for me Ye Su s smile gloomy down, Zhao Dabao also some angry Xiao Jian will not be a man, said The teacher believes that the Soviet Union, the three schools is not a class first, the examination room is also far away, can not chea. t of. Chapter 029 Killer Since even the class teacher Zhao Dabao believe Ye Su, Xiao Jian can only give up

Fidget Cube Orengered he sound is very small, only Wang Meng can hear. Wang Meng feel the heat of the Soviet Union exhaled, listening to his love words, imagine the picture he described, ears are red, not looked up. Can you tell the teacher, the two of you in the following say what whisper Zhao Dabao in order to active atmosphere, smiled and asked. Ye fidget cube orengered Su as was grabbed the neck of the fidget cube china same duck, suddenly half of the words can not tell. Report the teacher, I heard them say what to get married Zhou Xing has been erect ears, so only heard a few words, raised his hand and said. He will be a blink of an eye to sell, it is not too chaotic. What Zhao Dabao eyeballs should be convex out, secretly blame themselves why should mouth. Teacher, he was wrong, I said is scoring, not married. Ye Su brains earned very fast, quickly said. The ex. planation is to cover up, cover up is the truth. Men s husband, we must dare to dare. That is, it is not omnipotent. The class has been accustomed to and Ye Su joke, suddenly loudly said, on the stage of Zhao Dabao slightly embarrassed, cough and then said third, we all quiet down. Day time flashed by, and to the time of the holiday. Ye Su, what are you going to do this weekend Wang Meng asked, both sides walking side by side on the campus, from time to time students from their side, and their greeting joke. They have become a school fidget cube orengered recognized couple model. Tomorrow I intend to buy a villa, my card now has 30 million, enough to buy a villa and then buy a car, and then have to buy some things, and then is to move, the sister and mother fidget cube orengered To the villa to live. Ye Su said, his face filled with happiness. Do you want me to let my father say hello, let people give you a discount Wang Meng asked with concern. No, Wei Shen doctor promised to help, his words are also very effective. Ye Su said that he did not in front of the gods in front of the gods things, Wei Rongrong has been noisy in my grandfather for several days. Do you have any opinion on my dad Wang Meng asked with some fear. No ah, how can you ask Buy a villa for me is a big thing, for your father may be just a small thing, I do not want to disturb my little things because of his little things. Ye Su words such as Lianzhu, blurted out. I said that you have a lot of good, but you do not know. Wang Meng whispered excuse The Do you know why why Mother s moth.

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