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Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine nd earth, want to give Linghu demon, the latter shook his head, she has taken a lot fidget cube pink and white of things Ye Su, today and harvest quite good, say, Qingcheng sent revenge, how could Their stuff Ye Su patted his head, and soon wanted to understand everything, illegal Road, their own stupid. He is no longer polite, directly into the ring bags of heaven and earth, and so out of the tiankang re order, maybe there will be bright spots of things. Now how to do Is to continue to treasure or go home Asked the masked woman asked. We look around, maybe there are Chuan Songzhen and the like, the original way back to the words may be very dangerous, the most terrible is not a puppet, not magic array, but the people. Ye Su said, everyone nodded, Out of the hall after there is a path on the top of the hill, and fidget cube coupon from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, you can see clearly, a group of people are attacking the fog, they were blocked in the halfway. Four people feel the atmosphere some boring, then walk and talk, talk about some practice sector interesting, and soon to the top of the hill. There is also a platform on the top of the hill, and the mountain square shape is almost, but also green paved, surrounded by a circle of stone pillars. This should be Chuansong Zhen it Linghu demon asked urgently, Ye Su nodded, he was well aware, has been basically determined. But how to start is a problem. In the middle of the square there is a small platform, the stage has four grooves, distributed in four directions. Ye Su see this groove laughed, and then took out four Lingshi, handed everyone, as long as everyone together with the stone into the groove, the matrix method on the start. One, two, three, start. Ye Su finished four people at the same time the hands of the Lingshi into the groove, suddenly the platform shine, a milky white light shrouded four. Ye Su feel hands and feet can fidget cube mediumaquamarine not move, the next second kind of feeling was torn, and then the next second he came to a small soil over the sky, fell down. Are you all right Ye Su will make fidget cube lightcyan the fox small demon fidget cube kickstarter fidget cube mediumaquamarine help up, the latter shook his head. Ye Su looked around and found that not far from the entrance of the doline, he guess really right, that is Chuansong Zhen, and usage and past life comprehension industry exactly the same. Brothers, you are out At this time, a round face came Han, concerned about the concern, it is before and Ye Su went all fidget cube walmart in store the way to the man, and later in the fork in the fork and Ye S.

rals, or the wealthy enemy fidget cube mediumaquamarine owl, the resources are ordinary people can not imagination. Who is the sneaky, here is the ground. The janitor of the gatekeeper adjusted the gun on his shoulders and shouted at the leaf. Ye Sui this note that a few blocks of pedestrians are not seen. I find Ye Lao Tai, trouble you inform you. Ye Su looked frankly said. Do you have any invitations The soldier continued to ask. No invitations, but you tell me and say that I am called Ye Su, he will certainly meet me. Ye Su continued. Perhaps the name of the Soviet Union so that they pay attention to a bit, a soldier ran into, flew and one from the fidget cube mediumaquamarine fidget cube mediumaquamarine post out, took over his position. Ye Su know that even if the soldiers hanging the gun can only threaten the ordinary people, really play a role that moment is running a large array, even if the missile bombs fidget cube original here, inside the people should be safe and sound. Although not into the array, Ye Su faint can feel a few shares of powerful atmosphere, all stronger than him, but there is absolutely no breakthrough to the sun god, it is another level of the realm. After a while, the soldier who went to the bulletin and ran back, and then looked surprised at Ye Su, opened the electronic door and let him in. Yusu fidget cube case one into the matrix method immediately after the discovery of the three powerful atmosphere, respectively, two mid infants, a late Yuan Ying, so he was not so worried, even if the fight should be no problem, These people do not add up to him. In the process of walking, Ye Su is also observed in the yard environment. If Ye Su s listen to the bay villa is only rich like, then the yard has reached the extreme. Can be seen everywhere in the small flower beds, which is not kind of plants such as pine and cypress, but the clover, a kind of spiritual grass. This kind of grass can not only medicine, every day order a fidget cube can fidget cube mediumaquamarine absorb turbidity, spit aura. Ye Su deep sucked, and sure enough to feel aura than some of the outside world. These aura not only help monks practice, but also added to the matrix method, let it more solid, indestructible Chapter 106 Goods than the goods were thrown, Ye Su yesterday bought a courtyard, I feel pretty good look, and now think of it and the thatched cottage is no different He made careful attention to go back after some of the transformation, since it is Yuan Ying monk, there must be a corresponding Dong Fu, the total can not be too shabby. Walked more than 20 minutes, Ye Su came to a hall. This ha.hen floating away, a fidget cube mediumaquamarine few ups and downs disappeared. Those tourists are thinking that their vertigo, there has been an illusion, after all, this is difficult to explain. Ye Su face very strange, there are shock, there are surprises. To his physical nature can not appear fidget cube review reddit vertigo this symptom, the only explanation is Linghu demon is also a practitioner. Ye Su want fidget cube mediumaquamarine to catch up, but also worried about the safety of the two women in the tent. He thought, in the hands of the appearance of a few flags. Ye Su biting fingers, draw a few pen on the flag, and then inserted into the stone slit. This is the gold Gang Juba array, the typical protection matrix method, like the turtle shell as indestructible And even fidget cube mediumaquamarine if there are monks will escape to useless, fidget cube mediumaquamarine matrix method not only protect the front and rear and the sky, and even underground also sealed, the array of people as in a confined space. Ye Su laid out the matrix method to Linghu demon chase, he felt this thing is strange. Although Linghu demon has left for a while, but Ye Su or see the distant white spots, as well as the faint smell of the air. His footsteps quickly, the whole person as the blur as far away to the past. At this time the tourists are fidget cube mediumaquamarine in the tent to rest, it is the darkest day of the moment, so no one noticed him, e. ven if it will be mistaken for their own eyes, after all, no one so fast speed. Chase a stick of incense time, Ye Su also some tired. He is now practicing four layers, the body did not form a cycle, just rely on the infuriating support in the pubic region. If the practice to the Yuan Ying period will be able to learn from heaven and earth to keep strength, and then through the power into the infuriating. And if the leaves of the infuriating capacity is now compared to a drop of water, then the Yuan Ying is a lake, simply can not be compared. And chase for a while, Ye Su has been in depth jungle can not find the way, he did not understand why the fox demon why not panic. With this puzzle, Ye Su soul spread out, suddenly stopped the pace. Because from four directions a total of four people came here, the formation of confrontation Linghu demon potential. As the woods covered the line of sight, so Ye Su did not know before. After rebirth, although to re practice, but Ye Su s powerful soul is retained, as long as the master is not the god of.

Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine The auctioneer was dumbfounded again. The kind of zombie film Tonight too many things to subvert his impression. He thought it would be cold, but also thinking about what to save, but the following hot and let him speechless. With the previous 9.6 million price, he has learned how calm. I m grass, blazing, who can tell me what s this tonight 500,000, how does the pricing of people die 1.5 million, I want. Dream, I have 3 million. Lao Tzu out of 4 million, this thing and no shelf life, even if passed on to future generations are all right Eventually these characters were photographed by a middle aged scholar, and the price was 5.5 million. After all, is a one time consumables, can shoot the price of leaf Su has been very satisfied. Do not tell that thing is your Wei Rongrong pointed to the Soviet Union, a pair of you want to say that you are anxious look. Ye Su spread the show, do helpless. Wei Rongrong to be crazy, he thought Ye Su last sold more than a dozen Yan Yan earned 3 million even stealing money, the original it is not, this is the naked money So for a while Ye Su has 15.1 million fidget cube for sell for the book, she has never seen so much money Ye Su s two auctions have set off a climax, the auctioneer looked at the program table and found that there are two leaves is the last one of the goods, the name is immortality, he can not wait for some of the next two quickly shot out The The next thing to be auctioned is an ancient figure, though it can not see the origin, but it should be more precious. The auctioneer said the result was the same as he had expected. Even the name of the origin can not tell, who will burn it for it Ye Su see that figure heart of the earthquake, which is called to break through the iron fidget cube mediumaquamarine shoes without looking for all the effort to work Ye Su once in the cave to get a picture, he could not understand, to enter the ring. Ye Su know that fidget cube mediumaquamarine his picture is just a fraction, he did not know if the collection will be how. , but now the auction of this figure and his hands are exactly the same style, is one of the puzzles. Ye Su faintly feel that he is about to dig a big secret, so he is ready to outcry. At this time, not far from the corner of a person covered with black robe shouted I out of 800. Heibao people around a few seats no one, showing that everyone is afraid of his strange. His voice is very un.

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